Recruitment Application for High Five of US-Area 52

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Questions? Contact Effinhunter, Chewtoy, or Fabulouth

Friendly reminder: This is our first impression of you. Please take some time with your application
because we are looking for long-term membership and not necessarily the highest geared person on your server.

Basic Information
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I understand that raid times are TWR from 9 p.m. (8:30 invites) to 12 a.m., my time

Your Gaming Interests (what makes you tick?)
In this section, we'd like to find out more about you and how you see yourself fitting into the guild. Before you fill this out, it would probably be in your best interests to read the Five Pillars of High Five.

Raiding history (while current content)
This section is important as it helps raiders know what experience you have with harder content.
Describe raiding on your current class and any previous experience.
Mythic experience is favorable and you should describe that.

Player history
What guilds have you been a part of and why did you leave?

Class Rotation or Ability Priority List (show your expertise)

WoW Addons (what addons do you use to maximize your enjoyment/effectiveness?)

Time Spent in Game Outside of Raids (How often do you play and what do you do?)

Computer Information (include internet connectivity)