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Looking to Apply?

Post#1 » Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:35 pm

Updated 6/13/17

Welcome to the guild website! We are always interested in new applicants.

We are recruiting!
We currently have at least 2 DPS spot open, potentially 3 as well as the opportunity to enhance our healing core.

Immediate Wants
Resto Druid
Holy Priest

Boomkin/Warlock/Shadow Priest/other high parsing dps.

We are also looking for at least one exceptional healer if not two. This can be an immediate core position if you come in and perform and mesh well with our team.

Exceptional players, we welcome the application and conversation. We will be 100% honest with you about where we stand on your application and room in the guild. As long as we can make it work and don't have to remove one of our core, we'll try to make it happen for the right person. We're more worried about the person behind the character, than the character itself.

Before you apply, you may want to review our Guild Information, especially the Pillars of High Five, which discusses what we value in our members and what we are looking for. After you read this, there are three ways to apply to the guild. ALL OF THESE WILL REQUIRE A FORUM ACCOUNT IN ORDER FOR US TO DISCUSS YOUR APPLICATION WITH YOU.

  1. Apply through our automated recruitment application process. Create a forum account later, when you have time, to discuss your application with our members.
  2. Register a new forum account and request an officer to give you access to the Recruitment forum. Once in the Recruitment forum, you may create a new post and say whatever you want to say. The previous option (the automated recruitment application process) will result in a thread being created for you in this area and helps you focus on what's important in the application.
  3. Send a person message to myself, Chewtoy, or Wind. We will make a post in the recruitment area and ask for members to comment on it. If you'd like to respond directly to their questions, you'll have to register an account on the forums.

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Re: Looking to Apply?

Post#2 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:13 pm

The following is an example application that details the kind of information that our raiders are interested in knowing more about. You should understand that officers have a lot to say in the application process about who gets accepted. However, we post applications for members to give feedback to. We are proud of our retention rate of core and the fact that many of us have been playing together for years.

Part of how we retain members is to look not only at performance but also if new members are going to gel well with core. So, their opinions are reasonably important, and this app is your first impression to them and the officers.

Example Application

Real ID: Effinhunter#1904
878 Marksmanship/Beast Mastery Hunter: Armory | Warcraftlogs
Alt: 725 Guardian/Restoration Druid: Armory | Warcraftlogs

I understand that raid times are TWR from 9 p.m. (8:30 invites) to 12 a.m., my time

About the Player

Your Gaming Interests
I've been gaming for most of my life, and first got into massive multiplayer games slightly before the release of WoW Vanilla. I have always enjoyed multiplayer RTS games like Starcraft and the original Warcraft, and my interests in those, more than RPGs, led me to WoW.

As a dpser, I love to parse, and I am very competitive. I want to be in a guild that takes content seriously and gives me a chance to perform well while also seeing all of the progression content when it's still relevant. I think High Five might be a good fit for me because the schedule fits my available time, and I've listened in on Geodew's Twitch stream and like the atmosphere and the humor.

I'm very punctual. I value my time and that of others, and I'm looking for a guild that matches my level of play, humor, and interests.

Guild History
Ancient Blood @ Garona (Vanilla)
Sick Burn @ Garona/Area 52 (BC) , guild died.
PBJT @ Area 52 (BC), guild died.
Impending Sorrow @ Area 52 (MoP), not really focused on progression.
High Five @ Area 52 (MoP-present), still here. But Chewtoy won't call waves, so I'm outie.

Raiding History
When I first joined WoW in Vanilla, the raiding scene drew me in almost immediately. I participated in 40 man raids of MC, ZG, and various other content. I was in a guild called Ancient Blood that was not very competitive, but I met people that I still talk to today, and I've even attended multiple weddings of people from that guild.

In BC, I cleared SSC, TK, BT, Hyjal, and a couple of bosses in Sunwell with a defunct guild called Peanut Butter Jelly Time. I cleared Ulduar in WotLK and the first boss of Coliseum. I was disappointed in this raid after loving the Ulduar raid and decided to leave the game to focus on grad school. I came back to the game in MoP.

I messed around with a guild called Impending Sorrow as an alternate but decided that I was interested in getting back into progression raiding. I joined High Five and have been clearing content ever since.

Rotation or Ability Priority List
On Pull:
-- 0) Prepot with Deadly Grace
-- 0) Windburst at -2 s so it hits boss on pull
-- 1) True Shot
-- 2) SW/Marked x 2
-- 3) AiS until out of focus
-- 4) SW
-- 5) AiS x 2
-- 6) Marked Shot
-- 7) AiS x 2
-- 8) SW/Marked within TS
-- 9) proceed to normal rotation

Normal Rotation
-- 1) SW
-- 2) Ais x 2
-- 3) Marked Shot
-- On CD) Windburst mostly on CD, Barrage after SW or as vulner runs out, mostly on CD

-- If I don't top meters, complain about classes that did top meters or blame gear differences

WoW Addons
I use several addons for raids:
1) DBM
2) Skada
3) WeakAuras
4) Exorsus
5) Big Dumb Loot Council

Time Spent in Game Outside of Raids
I login every day that I can to do world quests. I'm still trying to get my second legendary for MM (unlucky in RNG). I frequently pug mythics, heroics and mythic+ to get AP, but my job and other hobbies do cut into my time a bit. However, despite time constraints, I have been able to get my ms MM to 28 traits (all dps traits before fillers) and os BM to 26 traits (enough to get the single target bump from Titan's Surge)

Since I theorycraft for the hunter community, I often play offspecs to gauge the accuracy of sims and make changes to recommendations. I have many alts but I have not been leveling them in this expansion due to the ridiculous grind for AP that is necessary in Legion.

Computer and Internet Information
At home, gaming rig. i7 quad core. 32GB RAM. SSD drives all over the place. Ethernet connected internet (no wireless). I have a working mic and headphones.

I sometimes have to travel for work, but my laptop is dual i7 @ 2.8ghz with 32GB of RAM and dedicated video and a SSD.

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Re: Looking to Apply?

Post#3 » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:35 am

Updated needs 6/13/17

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